IMMINENCE live AV performance

Audiovisual collaboration with MENION.

IMMINENCE is an attempt to transmit everything that goes beyond the intellectual syntax, into a state of inner focus.

Visually, the real-time generative visuals, built by Sahar and powered by Touchdesigner, captures the different characteristics of the sound, and explores the perceived inner spaces, that results in various live and generative 3D visual landscapes.

The sound concept is based on an analogue processing of the electric guitar to transform the identity of the original source, creating pulsing textures that build evocative and suspended atmospheres.

IMMINENCE is the result of collaboration between multidisciplinary artist, Sahar Homami and sound composer, Stefano Ferrari, to investigate the intersection of art, technology, philosophy and spirituality.

Menion is a project created by Stefano Ferrari - Guitarist, Producer and Composer. The project originates from the need of telling stories, experiences and impressions through sounds. His music brings together visionary Electronic, with Ambient, Glitch and Post-Rock influences. His sound has been influenced by Sonic Youth, Christian Fennesz, Alva Noto, Béla Bartók and many others. Menion does not feel compelled to experiment or display an aseptic avant-garde taste; what he's eager to do is to share and research his own art, experiencing music as an opportunity for self-improvement.

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