ISLAND PEOPLE AV performance

Audiovisual collaboration with Island People [Raster] on their live show in Berlin.

Island people is a band project consisting of mastering engineer Conor Dalton, grammy award winning producer David Donaldson, musician and DJ Graeme Reedie (Silicone Soul) and guitarist Ian “chippy” Maclennan. 

Their self titled debut album was released in June 2017 on Raster. Delicate sound structures, field recordings and other sound sources were heavily processed and rendered unrecognizable in the creation of their music.

Layer after layer, the tracks represent many different approaches and ideas, not only reflecting their continuous way of working, but also incorporating their different and individual backgrounds: The result of their collaboration is a timeless music that is as open as a natural phenomenon, developing a certain feeling of euphoria over time. All in all, »island people« is a pure listening experience in the best tradition of ambient.

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