KATIMAJUITlive performance

/ka-tee-ma-u-eat/ means “people meeting” in Inuktitut.

Our debut show is a staged (and filmed) performance that features two Inuit throat singers (Sila Singers) telling the story of their friendship throat singing, acting, live music and projected sonic visualizations. A main artistic feature of our work is the technological augmentation of new media practices such as generative and audio reactive visuals. These visuals will, in part, depict a digital tundra portal for the unheard personas of the singers and their ancestors – a sort of soul-light if you will.

When linked to acoustic vibrations emanating the performers’ bodies, this dynamic projected light allows a deeper interpretations of the spiritual undertones of the story being depicted.

The narartive is centred around two long-lost sisters separated at youth. This abstract story follows their journey to find each other once again, yet the audience grows to understand that each sister is actually a metaphor for Inuit spirituality and culture. The meta-story is really about their journey to become whole once again by relinquishing the overwhelming longing for spiritual meaning.

The genarative visual content as well as the player is developed in Touchdesigner. The art direction of the visuals are inspired by aboriginal imagery of day to day life, tattoo designs, as well as characterizations of northern landscapes such as the tundra, northern lights, rivers and snow. Sound wave visualizations start  from a journey into the throat, to rigid landscpaes represnting the conflicts and proceed to other natural environmentals, resembling Northern Lights, snow drifting, or ocean waves. 

Directed by Maziar Ghaderi
Performed by Sila Singers (Malaya Bishop & Jenna Broomfield)
Development & Genarative Visuals by Sahar Homami
Score by Saintfield (Ciara Adams & Ali Jafri)

New media artist Maziar Ghaderi joins forces with Inuit throat singers, The Sila Singers, to bring an interdisciplinary experimental encounter; voices collide in real-time with audio sensor technology to produce projected sonic visualizations of a hyperreal digital tundra dreamworld.

Maziar Ghaderi is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, educator and director that works with visual media and interactive technology. With a background in multimedia production, his work is situated at the intersection of technology, the experiential and creative direction.

Co-presented by Summerworks Festival and Why Not Theatre.

Theatre Centre, Toronto
Summerworks Festival
Aug 17, 18, 19 

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