New Homeostasis: The Ephemeral and the Eternal live performance

Audiovisual Performance
Duration: 38 minutes

"New Homeostasis: The Ephemeral and the Eternal" is a title that speaks to the fragility of human spiritual energy and the impermanence of material civilization. It emphasizes the importance of balance between the fleeting and the enduring and achieving true sustainability in a post-pandemic world. The project aims to create a thought-provoking experience that encourages the audience to reflect on their own relationship with technology and nature. It is a poetic and philosophical exploration of the human experience in the digital age.

  • 2023 Aug

Canadian Premiere - MUTEK - Montreal, Canada

concept, direction, composition: Sahar Homami

co-composition : Jason Zolghadr

Produced by INSCAPE
Executive Producer: Jay Bang
Co-Producer: Mutek Montreal

Supported by:
MUTEK Montreal, Canada Council for the Arts,  Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe,  Art Council Korea, International Partnership in Support of Arts Creation / ISAC, Korean Cultural Centre Canada, Panasonic, Bureau du Québec à Séoul, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Montreal, Chungchun Quebec

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