Live generative Audiovisual set developed by
Prcdrl and S Ʌ H Ʌ R
Berlin – Oct 2017

The peformance sits on the intersectoon of improvisation, poetry, visual and audio arts. The viewer experiences the story of grief and the passsage through the seven stages of it known as :  Shock & denial - Pain & Guilt - Anger & Bargaining - Depression / Isolation - Testing (The Upward Turn) - Reconstrcution - Acceptance & Hope
The journey begins with the simplest forms in both audio and visual format, and progresses towards a realm of conflicting abstractions.

/ PRCDRL aka Procedural [RU/DE]
Is the audiovisual project of Stanislav Glazov - musician and media artist from Russia currently based in Berlin. Stanislav Glazov was raised on classical music in his youth, listened to the whole spectrum of music from art rock and electronics to the early gothic, death metal, and Industrial. In 2001 he moved to Germany, where he made the special effects and animation, to participate in the most high-budget German film productions of that time. About 8 years ago, I left the film industry and started making music, as well as deal with VJ. Back in Moscow for several years, he organised the parties and educational activities, cooperated with the SILA SVETA, Raduga Design and Invisible studio. 3 years ago, he went to live in Berlin, where he created a musical project Procedural (PRCDRL), as well as generative design studio Licht.Pfad that uses TouchDesigner for media programming, projection, light and laser shows and installations.

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