RÄAH live AV performance

RÄAH (In Farsi meaning method or manner of doing something), is an intersection of MOVEMENT, INTERACTION and LIVENESS. R ÄAH assembles various audiovisual paths and generates movement. Movement is the basis for the creation of the environment. Interaction occurs between the image and sound and their relation with the artists. The piece acts like an organic form that can be translated into various media. It supports the idea of procedural liveness—how the machine performs —and aims to put it in parallel with aesthetic liveness—human performance and improvisation- that takes place within its carefully crafted structure.

The sensation of R Ä A H environments can be isolated and organic at once, due to the nature of the materials the artists use to create the piece. From the sound perspective, the core elements are manipulated samples of music instruments and field recordings. The output of these samples give an organic atmosphere to R Ä A H sounds, with a bit of eastern flavour. The spectator experiences an audiovisual narration of environments of procedure, approach, conflict, failure and achievement; where forms emerge from darkness and everything happens in this thin crack of time between night and day.

RÄAH, is a generative live audiovisual composition by Or Sarfati and Sahar Homami.

Or Sarfati is a composer and a performer, graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Additionally to music, Or creates digital art using coding and visual software and perform as a visual artist in live performances. He’s creations act as a single piece in time – using a set of roles Or creates sonorous and visual environments who develops organically under a given logic. Every act is unique, every performance is different from the past. Or use to cooperate with choreographers on regular bases, his creations were presented in Machol Shalem festival (Jerusalem), Israel Museum (Jerusalem), Loikka dance film festival (Helsinki). Since 2015, Or lives and creates in Berlin (Germany).

For this performance, the duo aims to question the essence of audio-visual relationships in an environment where the image is the trigger for sound whereas classically it is the other way round. The generative visuals produced in processing patches where the triggers for certain sound environments. In a two way feedback loop, the outcoming sound was also the trigger for the output visuals.

Raw images from the Processing patch before being analyzed further for the final output.

Raw image outpouts from the Processing patch.

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