©Photos by Mike Zenari . 2021 . MULTIPLICA

fanaa live performance

Live Audiovisual Performance
Duration: 31 minutes

fanaa (فنا‎ fanā) is a mystical concept, meaning "passing away" or "annihilation" (of the self/the individual ego): to die before one dies. This work is inspired by 12th century Persian-Sufi poet Attar’s book The Conference of the Birds.

fanaa combines elements of Persian calligraphy and mystical philosophy with digital technology to dive into an audiovisual poetic journey. 

The visuals interweave elements of Persian calligraphy and generative art based on natural phenomena and Astrophysics. The musical dramaturgy leads the audience through a rapidly shifting landscape of  tonal scenes. Haunting synthesizer patches hum in a space of ambiguity between lush vibrancy & asepsis. In a nod to the relentless journey of Attar’s birds across ever-higher mountains and through ever-darker valleys, fanaa presents a score in which cinematic ambience, punctuated with chasmic deep bass, gives way to a multiverse of intense, atmospheric, and industrial-flavored minimal dark techno interludes that at times feels both organic & mechanical.

fanaa explores the unbecoming breaking down of the individual ego and a recognition of the fundamental unity of all that exists within the individual self. The story unfolds throughout four chapters: Arrival, Dissolution, Absolute Nothingness, and Rebirth. 

fanaa is part of a larger project which consists of a concert piece, installation, prints and a screening version.

fanaa has been shown worldwide, including at Mutek (Montreal, Canada), Hellerau Hybrid (Dresden, Germany) and Tehran Contemporary Sounds (Berlin, Germany).

  • 2019 Dec

World Premiere - Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival - Berlin, Germany

  • 2021 Mar

HYBRID-Cutting Edge Canada - HELLERAU, Dresden, Germany

  • 2021 Aug

(Instalation Version)

MUTEK - Montreal, Canada

  • 2021 Dec

MULTIPLICA - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • 2022 Feb

Electrons Libres - Stereolux, Nantes, France

concept, direction, composition: Sahar Homami

computer graphics, programming, composition: Sahar Homami

computer graphics, programming, composition: Sahar Homami
additional computer graphics / programming : Vincent Naples
additional music: Jason Zolghadr

Produced by:
Studio Homami

Supported by:
Canada Council for the Arts, Musikfonds eV, MUTEK Montreal

©Photos by Masoud . 2019 . Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival

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