iSOS (in the State of Surrender)

iSOS AV Installation

iSOS (in the State of Surrender) is a large-scale audiovisual installation that intersects the fields of art, sociology, philosophy and digital technologies, with a focus on the topic of consumerism in our contemporary societies.

Consumerism is one of the strongest forces affecting our lives in the modern world. Contemporary human is surrounded by a “reality” of existing within consumer societies. This begs some important questions as to whether consumption is leading humans to an increasing isolation and individualization? Is it turning humans into exploitable assets? Can we encourage people to become ethical consumers? Can we reveal the virtues of “commodity fetishism” as a tool for understanding the dynamics of consumer activism and establish new consumer behaviours?

iSOS invites the audience to recognize the preliminary steps, to empower the individual by the tool of knowledge, combining curated real-time visualization of text from contemporary scholars and databases of user-generated search results on the topic. The musical dramaturgy emphasizes the visual meaning, improving the work experience. The musical aesthetic consists of post-glitch sound objects, which describe a reality where the errors are forbidden and dark sonic textures show how fragile the social structure is.

The audience will be immersed in the audio and visual environments where it’s possible to recognise themselves surfing among the culture and the goods they consume everyday.

Description: Audiovisual Installation

Sahar Homami

Sahar Homami

Marco Accardi

Marco Accardi (1989) is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher based in Berlin. He works in the field of electro-acoustic music, dance-theater, audio-visual performances and interactive installations, presenting his works in Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia.

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